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This is the latest SCENAR device enhancement available in the range of the professional SCENAR model. It was created during the transition to the new generation devices and includes all the most important functions for professional use. Its functionality has been enhanced to include a third mode for static screening mode (Dose 5) - local electrode screening. The most important "how-to-do" mode of the device - which allows to automatically determine the stimulation parameters in an acute situation. SCENAR NT 01 includes manufacturing settings (automatic programs) that can be used in cosmetology, to treat chronic conditions or for stimulation before and after sports, and to treat injuries. Thanks to these improvements, an inexperienced SCENAR therapist can get good results even after the first attempts. In addition, the device has an improved visual appearance. The updated menu window can help you find the required settings more quickly and does not take time to configure settings before use. This SCENAR device also includes a local electrode used in Dose 5 mode.

Technical parameters

Power supply

4 batteries AAA

Maximum current consumption

max 650 mA

The repetition frequency of incentives

0.674 Hz -350 Hz



Mode of amplitude modulation

1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1

Frequency range in frequency modulation mode

30 to 120 Hz with the period of the change (7 ± 2)

Dosing regimens

"Diag1"- Integral dose and null, "Diag 2"- a differential dose.

Mode screening

"Diag3", "Diag4", "Diag5" - diagnostics of local electrode

Modes damping

4 permanent mode, 1 variable mode

Additional modes

Biofeedback (including BioGap and BioFrequency)

Intensity (number of pulses per pack)

1 - 8 pulses with pauses in a pack from 200 to 1600 ms

Adjusting the exposure energy

1 - 250 units

Сombined modulation mode

Simultaneous change of shape, the number of pulses in the pack, and a gap between pulses of repetition frequency: 4 different variant Sw1, Sw2, Sw3 and Sw4.

The number of factory / storable user presets



2 years


0.4 kg


190х70х40 mm