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Ritmscenar Chans series Sport model is for personal use. It is particularly demanded worldwide. The diversity of its regimes creates more opportunities for the treatment and prevention of different diseases. This device allows you to connect and work in two modes - AM and FM - at the same time. This option reinforces and supplements their effect by using different methodologies. The device has two more modes:

  • the treatment course for chronic diseases uses diagnostic mode (objective dosing)
  • when all modes removed, a permanent exposure mode (subjective dosing), recommended for acute conditions, is activated.

The effect of the SCENAR device increases if the following are used:

  • specially developed SCENAR therapy methodologies
  • ULM medical blanket

6 hour video training included  

Technical parameters

Power supply

9V batterie (6F22KG, 1604 9V)

Maximum current consumption

max 85 mA

The repetition frequency of incentives

14, 60, 90, 340 Hz


Light diod

Mode of amplitude modulation


Frequency range in frequency modulation mode

30 to 120 Hz with the period of the change (7 ± 2)

Dosing regimens


Mode screening


Modes damping


Adjusting the exposure energy

1 - 250 units

The number of factory / storable user presets



2 years


0.2 kg


140х55х35 mm

ical parameters